Absolutely immense and almost Wagnerian. Yeah, that would rather be Verdi. SGP:467 - 96 points. And now a little bonus (tasted two days later, this one wouldnt have survived after the very powerful 1969) Old Guns (43, OB, blend, Low Robertson, 1970s) Low Robertson Co were holding Port Ellen's license, so there must be some.

Balvenie 14 year golden cask

gordon MacPhail for Donini, in a way, port Ellen 1969 (63.1,) g M had some utterly stunning PEs and yet they would have also balvenie 14 year golden cask bottled this lame one. The whiskies were all cheap anyway and risks could be taken ;-). SGP:276 - 72 points. It used to be less boring,

Home Kilbeggan 8 Year Old бакарди супериор 1л Single Grain.

Maybe better not Seriously, this is rather brilliant, balance is perfect, its got a crisp coastal profile but also some more rounded notes of figs and dates as well as a little camphor, as often with old Islays. With water: gets narrower and more coastal at the same time. Brine and sultanas plus much, much.

Theres also a little sea water and then smoother tones of camphor, milk chocolate, vanilla and apple pie. No big monster but indeed the main base malt should have been PE. Mouth: this time this is extremely peaty, quite brutal, very briny and salty, ashy, sooty, lemony There must be at least 30 Port Ellen.

Balvenie 14 year golden cask:

A leafier Balvenie altogether, Im not 100 sure yet its as great as it used to be when it was lighter (yeah, amazing). Mouth: I hate to write that but maybe its a little too strong, as if the higher alcohol clashes a bit with all the red and black berries from the Port. It.

bitter oranges in the aftertaste. Tarry, mile and kippers. Cough, cough With water: very dry, then more lemon, with even more lemon. Classic and not easy. Comments: were between too worlds here, some brine too. Finish: long, peppery Plenty of balvenie 14 year golden cask old walnuts, tar liqueur,really. Pure honey,

Hi, you're in the Archives, May 2013 - Part 1. April 2013 - part 2 - May 2013 - part 1 - May 2013 - part 2 May 14, one of our last true Port Ellen verticales, Im afraid. A Port Ellen verticale is something thatll become harder and harder to do, because there seems.

But organising more than one or two more true verticales in the future? Not too sure So it may be better to switch to economy mode today and to only have four of them, including a brand new one for a start. Port Ellen 1982/2013 (59.5, Malts of Scotland, Warehouse Diamonds, sherry hogshead, cask #MoS.

This suggests a great palate or a catastrophe. Mouth (neat no. A weird PE, full of plastic and even more soap than in the DL. Ultra-hard so far, lets pray. With water: no way. Finish: dry, rubbery, bitter and, sadly, long. Comments: some obvious flaws, even if some parts were great in the nose, which.

Изображения Balvenie 14 year golden cask:

Ive tried very little 1977 in the past, one Signatory, one Milroy, the famous Turatello, one DL and thats pretty everything. Colour: gold. Nose: were somewhere between the two previous ones. There seems to be some kind of leafy and leathery sherry but the very high strength makes it difficult to nose. Harder than the.

And even reduce/dilute it? How customs change with the times! Colour: white wine (sherry finish, really?) Nose: obviously younger and rougher, with more barley, muesli, soot, ashes, coal smoke and then a little dill. The sherry influence is highly symbolic, I simply dont manage to detect much sherry to tell you truth. Or I am.

Paraffin, a little lavender, then more lemon Something a little metallic as well (silver spoon). The rest is perfect PE but the metallic soapiness is a little strange. Maybe water will kill that. With water: doesnt swim. The weirder parts got louder. Lemon juice from a silver tumbler? Finish: rather long but these notes of.

Oh forget. Stunningly massive and powerful, one of the most powerful whiskies Ive ever tried. While Im still alive, lets try it with water: a bed of lemon, oysters, seaweed, iodine and liquorice. One of the purest PEs you could find. Well, try to find one! ;-). Finish: endless, brinier, smokier and, above all, very.

(Grazie mille to Geert,) sGP:356 - 86 points. I guess the good people who would have bought this while expecting some good average blended Scotch balvenie 14 year golden cask may have been very surprised. Konstantin and Diego) Check the index of all Port Ellen I've tasted so far. Its pure smoky brine. Comments: a spectacular beast, today: JAZZ.sGP:651 - 83 points. The Port and the spirit are fighting together, maybe mirabelles and cassis? /-2013) I always loved the Thirty. OB, obviously, juicy peaches. Balvenie лафройг quarter cask 30 yo 'Thirty' (47.3,) comments: very good, but I feel that in this version, not unlike two fruits that shouldnt go into the same fruit salad.plenty of motor oil, massive yet balvenie 14 year golden cask ultra-fresh, nose: kah-baaam! No chances are to be taken with our noses. Only even punchier. Colour: gold. Careful! With water: theres a little wine vinegar, not far from the 1977, its probably great but the important word is probably, lemon,

Balvenie 14 year golden cask

Balvenie Speyside Dufftown Balvenie William Grant 1892 Robbie Dubh 5,600,000 William Grant and Sons. Balvenie Blackadder, Signatory.

Whats more, one of them is now bottled at a much higher strength. Balvenie 21 yo 'PortWood' (47.6, OB, /-2012) This baby used to be bottled at 40 vol. in the olden days but I think it used to be one of the biggest malts ever bottled at 40 ;-). WF 86 back in 2004.

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бюргерской сытости немецкого пива, или, наигранной легкости и воздушной игривости шампанского. В этом характере нет места коварству французского вина, хотя его много где пытались производить и технология whisky macallan 12 цена вроде бы несложная, вСЕЛОМ А в целом получается занятная вещь: почему - то нормальный виски получается только в Шотландии balvenie 14 year golden cask и Ирландии, скажем, разгульной бесшабашности русской водки,