All because Godwin, who had been supported by the NAACP and upset segregationists so badly that the KKK burned a cross on his front lawn, and wasnt acceptable to liberal Democrats on the School Board? Well, turns out Dr. Hampton, the guy who claims its his turn to have a school named after him, is.

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(more) By Greg L 1 December 2015 Prince William County 4 Comments Not too coincidentally, were told, County Executive Melissa Peacor will be resigning effective January 31st. I suppose we know now the results of the audit макаллан 12 лет fine oak regarding staffs undermining of the County Boards Rule of Law policy regarding illegal aliens. If you ever wondered.

A person who cant pay his bills spending your money, and someone who cant do basic math cutting the checks. Thats your Democrat ticket in Manassas. Hang on for a data dump of some court filings. I bet theyll be real interesting. By Greg L 11 September 2016 Manassas City 26 Comments Since most of.

This new barrage of frightening ignorance and stupidity which has recently taken hold of a disturbingly wide swath of this country makes me seriously wonder however whether these ideals actually remain. We are at a critical crossroads, my friends, and the better angels of our nature are rapidly vanishing. (more) By Greg L chools, Prince.

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maryland. Stay tuned. Intending instead to mention Prince Georges County, uPDATE 11/20: County officials deny that Prince William блэк вельвет 8 лет 1 0 л County has become a sanctuary jurisdiction and believe that the unnamed reporter got this wrong, im working to confirm that this is actually the case.история Блек Вельвет начинается в последний год Второй Мировой Войны, виски блэк вельвет 8 лет 1 0 л Black Velvet с доставкой в jack daniel's single barrel select цена Канадский виски Блэк Вельвет не имеет богатой многовековой истории и неизменных традиций, однако прочно занимает лидирующую позицию высококачественного алкогольного напитка, тогда в 1945 году и появился на свет первый купаж этого напитка. Производимого в прекрасной северной стране.

If this is not sufficient cause to fire Melissa Peacor, one would wonder what heights of insubordination Peacor must rise to in order to be fired. By Greg L 10 November 2015 Manassas City 8 Comments When you think of the wonderful City of Manassas and all it has to offer, and then think of.

Driving liberals, dhimmis and illegal alien apologists absolutely insane since 2005. By Greg L Manassas City 43 Comments Id been under the impression that if youre able to funnel public money to your private business because youre voting on those specific municipal appropriations, going broke would be a near impossibility. Its not as if government.

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After months of public debate and citizen input, such a change, if true, would represent a dramatic shift in policy done behind closed doors and with no public input whatsoever. During this investigation, we learned every D.C. Metro jurisdiction cooperates with criminal warrants issued by ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But, Washington, D.C., Charles.

curiously enough) for incompetence. No mention has been made so far about his firing of Patricia Richie-Folks as treasurer of the Manassas блэк вельвет 8 лет 1 0 л Ballet (at the same time she apparently owns a construction company,) you just cant make this stuff up.revenge is the new order of the day and its going to fill us up like a turkey. (more)) By Greg L tional Politics,the текила ольмека цена 1л в пятерочке 2007 Rule of Law Resolution that defined county policy on the issue, who then блэк вельвет 8 лет 1 0 л lied about it when questioned. Your taxpayer dollars are being lavished on these local government executives, a policy publicly debated extensively for months and unanimously passed by the Board of County Supervisors was secretly overturned by these county staffers,

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Prince William County has some major challenges ahead and we really need some changes if were ever going to be able to address them. Heres how you might be able to make those changes happen (more) By Greg L 1 November 2015 Virginia House, Virginia Senate, Prince William County 3 Comments These are the races that are bombarding you with radio and TV ads, stuffing your.

Patricia Richie-Folks is even more of an awful candidate than anyone initially thought. In case you might want a high qualify PDF copy of this to print out and share with your friends, heres a handy link. By Greg L PWCDC, Prince William County 9 Comments While Prince William County Democrats feel it is beyond.

Kinda makes you wonder what the real agenda at work here is, doesnt it? (more) By Greg L chools, Prince William County 4 Comments During last nights PWC School Board meeting the local Democratic Party crossed the Rubicon, and nothing will ever be the same. I highly encourage everyone to watch the footage from that.

While for some the opportunity to name a new elementary school after fallen firefighter Kyle Wilson (the other part of this deal) is a cause for relief, the price we will pay in re-writing our history with false narratives in order to advance a liberal political agenda is horrifically unwise. (more) By Greg L 28.


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