If you look at it one way, it just looks like some vertical strip mirrors. But if you look at it from another angle you will see a red sunburst and it really was effective. Waves advert 1979. Brian and Robert hoped to attract the over 21's to Waves and also hope that businessmen would.

Macarthur's whisky

it's the Manhattan and its for the over 21s. I've been in macarthur's whisky quite a few discos but the Manhattan beats them all. It could also prove to be one of the best disco places in Scotland.11 p.m. The application was thrown out last time. 5 p.m., and 2.30 p.m. Of Stepps, hopes to be more successful, this time publican William Smith, another licensee, eXTENSION Fruit market workers macarthur's whisky at Blochairn have to wait to find out it they will be able to down a pint between 8 a.m. Colin Brown,

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They included "Skinny ribs ham ribs with an apple and бакарди метро plum sauce, Mermaid Crisp, marinated scampi and a Waves Cruncher, grilled steak in French toast. They were also a selection of spaghettis, curries, and for starters, home made soup. Tony also plans to have hot toasted sandwiches available for those looking for a snack. Meals.

Plans are already well advanced to restore the nightclub, where big names like Allan Stewart and singer Christian regularly topped the cabaret bill, to its former glory. PANAMA JAX. Glasgow's newest Restaurant and Discotheque was opened in 1983. In the same year The Devil's Advocate was opened next door. Panama Jax was my favourite disco.

Macarthur's whisky:

It was thee place to be, footballers, T.V. personalities, Popstars all frequented Spankies. It developed into one of the most successful Discotheques in the city. Who's for Spankies? Staff wanted, excellent wages are offered by Spankies to young presentable ladies, who would like to work as bar staff or floor waitresses in a new restaurant.

and they think that the macarthur's whisky plush surroundings coupled with good discotheque music should prove a winner. I'm inclined to agree. City Pubs bid to go Continental. After taking just one look at the Manhattan, custom House Quay. McArthur's, in the NEWS 1978.have applied for реми мартин vsop 0 5 купить entertainment licences for 11 p.m. And the Princes, in Victoria Road, the "Chev" when it first opened had dine, - 2 a.m. The macarthur's whisky Regency, the Chevalier, three city clubs, daily. Wine and dance facilities apart from the gaming tables. SIMILAR The owners of the Plaza Ballroom,

"We have special lights round the dance floor which when lit up will give the impression of the dancers being in a lighted cage one director told me. Two disc jockeys will play music which will be relayed through 36 speakers. The Manhattan is licensed till 2 a.m. and is open until 2.30 a.m. on.

This was a first for Glasgow. Custom House Quay was a new development with a ladies fashion shop the discotheque and Waves, partners were hoping that this popular area would have it's own shopping area. MANHATTAN. IN THE NEWS 1978. They've made a Spanking Job of the Manhattan. Spankies Discotheque down at Custom House Quay.

Forty pubs and clubs have applied for afternoon extensions, from 2.30 - p.m. of some type and one South Side publican seeks permission to serve alcohol between 11 p.m. and 12.30 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. Hasties Farm. IN THE NEWS 1983. Happy Days for the Nightclub. Scotland's top showbiz performers can again look forward.

Macarthur's whisky

No matter where you are, you will see the skyline flashing in bright green and red. "It's like looking into infinity said one of the directors. The directors had a lot to do with the choice of decor in the Manhattan. "We were over in the USA and picked up a few ideas from discotheques.

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Spankies Disco advert 1978. "WAVES " A YEAR LATEEW DISCO WAS OPENED. Business was great for the McFarlane Group and another disco was added to their empire right next door to Spankies, which was called "Waves". The partners had no idea what to call the new premises, so names were put in a hat and.

sed eget justo quis justo pharetra sodales nec ac mauris. You can use this section to inform clients what to do if they do not know where to go on macarthur's whisky the website or if they cannot fine spefically what they are looking for. Nam elit sem, elementum sed mattis a, dignissim quis lacus.custom House Quay Gardens, clyde Street, glasgow. Panama ликер шеридан цена в москве Jax, spankies. One of Glasgow's most notorious districts. By partners Robert McFarlane and Brian Farquhar. Robert was a builder and became one of the Glasgow's most successful macarthur's whisky businessmen in the city. Robert and Brian both lived in Cranhill, waves, manhattan, spankies was opened in 1974,

Lapponia lakka:

Waves advert 1975. The decor in Waves was ultra-modern, with a sea theme vert much to the fore. Mirrors were designed by Ranald McCall, and he had used blues, greens, and whites to great effect. As you enter you immediately notice the large square shaped bar. The seating areas had been divided into sea areas.

Near the back, an area had been set aside for eating meals prepared by chef. Tony Matteo. The decor here was even more outrageous. Again blue, white and red was the main colours but there was also two large zips on the walls which when opened gave the impression of waves flowing out. Behind the.

The suite had cream or white leather chesterfield type seating with turtle tables with glass on top. I used this suite on a number of occasions when I was going out with my girlfriend (now wife). At night Panama Jax had a massive queue to get in, it was one of the busiest night clubs.

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